Selenite Avacaro Custom LED Lamps

Chakra Selenite Lamp Charging Crystal Pendants

Chakra Selenite Lamp Charging Crystal Pendants

Green Avacaro Lamp - lg

Green Avacaro Lamp – lg


Welcome! You have found the best, most unique selenite crystal lamps available.

These are not cheap lamps with LED bases like the ones on Amazon.  Avacaro™ selenite lamps are imbedded with up to 100 LED bulbs. This creates a beautiful ambient light source in the evening.

Our lamps come in many sizes, and can be made out of a single, 50+ pound piece of selenite if you are looking for something incredible!

Avacaro Selenite Crystal LED Lamp - Blue Lg

Blue Avacaro Crystal LED Lamp – lg

Avacaros are hand-carved, custom-sized selenite lamps filled with your choice of colored or white LEDs. Small, medium, large and big old honkin’ sizes are available.

Works of art as much as ambient light sources, these Avacaro™ selenite crystal lamps are an amazing energetic addition to any home or office.

“Avacaro LCD selenite lamps may have powerful effects on personal energy. Lay hands on your lamp. Breathe deep. Relax, and enjoy.”

We handcraft and polish lamps to your size and color preferences. Our lamps are literally unique pieces of art!

And our lamps are eco-friendly! Though they are filled with many LED bulbs they remain cool to the touch and use minimal energy. This is unlike selenite lamps that use incandescent bulbs.

Contact us today to experience a beautiful new ambient light source and the energetic benefits of selenite crystal!

  • You can cycle through the following settings for the LCD lighting:
    Violet Avacaro Selenite Lamp - lg

    Violet Avacaro Lamp – lg

    • Combination
    • In Waves
    • Sequential
    • Slo Glo
    • Chasing Flash
    • Slow Fade
    • Twinkling Flash
    • Steady On

Selenite has positive, energetic properties. You may find it to be a source of blessing to your home or office!

Our custom selenite lamps are unlike any others! Each is a personal work of art.

For information on how you can order you own, custom Avacaro™ custom lamp, visit our contact page.

Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Yellow, White, Multi-Color & Custom Too!

You can select the size and weight range of your lamp as well. Pricing is based on the weight of the log before drilling as well as any custom work that you request.

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